CHILDREN'S Birthday Party


Birthday Party Package: $395.00 (up to 25 children) 1 1/2 TO 2 HOURS

    Hook and Ladder will respond to your birthday party with a full scale fire engine! We will make your birthday a most enjoyable and memorable experience. We will arrive with lights and sirens sure to excite all your guests and neighbors!    

What's Included:

  • State of the art Firefighter Simulator! Children use a fire extinguisher to put out simulated fire. 
  • Firefighter obstacle course Challenge. Children take on various obstacles mirrored after actual fire fighter training programs.
  • Bucket brigade relay race.
  • Firefighter dress up - Children try on real turn out gear. 
  • As a gift, the birthday child receives a Aeromax firefighter helmet. Plus, each child receives a plastic fire helmet as a party favor.